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Spudland Alpacas

Working towards being one of Maine's premier alpaca farms.

Richard Porter
P.O. Box 43 Blaine, ME 04734

About Us

Come and visit and see how special alpacas really are

We have been sucessfully growing potatoes for years but we wanted to expand our farming operation to include our children and grandchildren. These days, potato farming can be a very uncertain venture but the alpaca industry seemed to offer right fit for both our family and our business plan.

Alpacas fit easily into the Maine landscape. Aroostook County, Maine, has a lot of similarities with the alpaca's homeland. The climate, soil and rural population fits nicely with both the growing needs of potatoes and alpacas. In addition, it was important to us that this would allow our other family members to participate. The friendly nature of the alpaca makes them safe enough for even the youngest of the grandchildren to be around.

Our experience of growing some of the countries best potatoes makes Spudland Alpacas unique. Years of solving problems, managing field operations, making marketing decisions and understanding that only the best quality is acceptable, provided exactly the right combination to make Spudland Alpacas a high quality operation.

We have used our beef raising experience to create some unique breed line combinations. In addition, we knew that animal health starts with the soil. Before any pastures were made, a complete soil audit was made to understand exactly what soil minerals were available and which minerals were missing. This process is the same one used on the farm's 1,000 acres of potatoes and grain crops. Growing the best animals requires the best pastures and feed. Growing the best pastures and potatoes requires the best soil fertility.

Using the farms agronomy program made this an easy step but is extremely important in insuring that strong healthy alpacas result. Even though Spudland Alpacas is a new farm, the results of this soil / mineral program are already showing up in the quality if the fiber and also in the blood tests taken as a routine part of the animal care.

Efforts are being made to document the cause and effect of this and other programs used on the farm. This knowledge will be provided to help you achieve the same level of results, no matter where you live.

As Spudland continues to grow, special attention is being made to integrate the best blood lines available in the United States to create unique combinations of color and fleece quality desired by winners of the best shows; by the best breeders.

It isn't necessary to own thousands of acres to take advantage of the lessons learned by the Porter family over the years. It is comforting to know that experience and help is available as you begin a new alpaca venture or even if you are an old hand with alpacas but have a nagging problem that won't go away. We are always available to talk with you!

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