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Veterinary Education Fund

The Vet Education Fund was established to encourage members' veterinarians to learn as much as they can about the ever-changing field of camelid medicine.

MAA members' veterinarians may apply for up to $350 tuition reimbursement to attend seminars, workshops and other continuing medical education programs that focus on alpaca health care.

The process is easy: members or their vets download the application, send it to the Board for approval, and when we receive a copy of the certificate of completion, a check for up to $350 of the registration fees will be mailed to the veterinarian.

In addition, when a particularly important book is published, such as the Evans Field Manual or the Camelid Drug Formulary, MAA's Vet Ed Fund will purchase enough books to mail one to each practice that cares for our alpacas. Download Vet Fund Application