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Join the Maine Alpaca Association

Thank you for your interest in the alpaca industry in Maine. To join as a new member or to renew your annual membership, please follow the steps below:
  1. Complete the membership application/renewal form below.
  2. Mail your $50.00 membership dues check, made out to Maine Alpaca Association to:
Maine Alpaca Association
c/o Marilyn Plowman, Treasurer
19 Bridges Rd.
Penobscot, ME 04476
Prorated membership dues for new members are as follows:

Jan 1 - Mar 31 = $50.00
Apr 1 - June 30 = $37.50
July 1 - Sept 30 = $25.00
Oct 1 - Dec 31 = $12.50            


OR NEW in  2018: Paypal link. Send money for your membership here>>    PAYPAL 

New members

Welcome to the Maine Alpaca Association! After we receive your check, you will be added to the members only MAA Gmail Group, mainealpacaassciation@gmail.com. The Gmail account is one of the methods used to facilitate communication among MAA members. This group is also used to distribute relevant alpaca-related information and to ask questions related to alpaca farming. All members have access to the group to disperse and discuss alpaca husbandry or health related issues.

Getting your farm listed on the MAA website
The Maine Alpaca Association is a member of the Openherd Affiliate Program, which allows you to use Openherd's system to upload your farm information, sales lists, and other pages free of charge and they will automatically be displayed on the MAA website. To get your farm listed, simply create a free account on Openherd (scroll down the page to find the free membership option). Once you have created your account and have activated your farm profile (go to My Farm in your Openherd account and click "Edit My Farm Page". Once you have clicked "Create Farm Profile", you're done), just send an email to mainealpacaassociation@gmail.com and let us know you have created your Openherd farm profile. We will then add you to the membership listing.