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About MAA

The Maine Alpaca Association (MAA) was formed by a group of alpaca owners and breeders from across the State of Maine who share common goals for education, information, communication, and marketing their alpacas in the great State of Maine.

An original gathering of 12 people at a member's farm grew quickly to over 30, and the beginning of the association took place. We have continually grown in size since our initial meeting in 2004. We have developed this website to allow not only for a communication source among our members, but to enable our members to communicate with the rest of the world about their alpacas and why Maine is the perfect place to buy and raise alpacas.

We hold membership meetings at a central Maine location. At each meeting we attend to business first, then provide an education forum or speaker for our members. We also try to host a more in-depth alpaca related seminar or educational event at least once a year.

Our continuing goals for our organization are as follows:
  • Provide continuing education to our membership on all aspects of alpaca ownership including husbandry, business planning, and marketing an alpacas business.

  • Provide information to the general public about alpacas, their luxurious fiber, and living the 'alpaca lifestyle' in the great State of Maine.

  • Provide support to large animal veterinarians in Maine who show an interest in furthering their education in the field of camelids.

  • Increase awareness of the Maine Alpaca Association and the benefits of buying and owning alpacas in the State of Maine through cooperative marketing efforts within the state, throughout the region and across the nation.

  • Further develop our website to showcase the 'alpaca lifestyle' and the State of Maine as the ideal place to buy and raise alpacas, offer information and support to potential owners and breeders, and direct potential buyers of alpacas, alpaca services and alpaca products to individual farms across the state.
We welcome your further inquiry into our great and growing organization! Please feel free to contact any of the board members listed below with your questions or comments. We invite you to Discover Maine - Discover Alpacas!

                                        2017 Board of Directors
President Anne Gobes
Cape Newagen Alpacas 207-633-0416
Vice President Vacant

Secretary Judy Mullins
Thistle Dew Alpaca Farm
Marketing Mike O'Brien
Sucaya Farms at the Town Line House
Agricultural Liaison Virginia Rebar
Outbaca Alpaca
Treasurer Marylyn Plowman Rock and Pebble Farm 207-326-9748
WebMaster Bill Morgan Alpaca Dream Ranch 207-445-4802